Sine Sandaan on The Manila Times TV

Amid the nationwide quarantine and the continued thriving of online streaming platforms, FDCP has partnered up with The Manila Times Broadcasting Corporation to provide an online exhibition platform for the Philippine film industry. The program, ‘Sine Sandaan on The Manila Times TV’ runs alongside the centennial year celebration of Philippine cinema and will launch on September 18. The partnership will feature FDCP co-produced films on The Manila Times’ online streaming platform. 

For a thirteen-week span, film lovers can expect to see contemporary, up-and-coming Filipino filmmakers under the program’s ‘Spotlight’ section, as well as renowned Filipino auteurs under the ‘Masters’ section. Films in the ‘spotlight’ section will be free and accessible to the public, while films in the ‘masters’ section will be available for a budget-friendly price. 

Through the collaboration, cinephiles from around the world may watch films such as Ang Mga Kidnapper ni Ronnie Lazaro (dir. Sigfreid Barros Sanchez), Bahay ng Lagim (dir. Celso Ad. Castillo), and Sigaw sa Hating Gabi (dir. Romy Suzara) for free on The Manila Times TV. Meanwhile, classics such as Maynila sa Kuko ng Liwanag (dir. Lino Brocka), Pagdating sa Dulo (dir. Ishmael Bernal), and Genghis Khan (dir. Manuel Conde) will be available for a budget-friendly price.