International Film Studies Assistance Program

About the Program


The International Film Studies Assistance Program (IFSAP) is FDCP’s program to support Filipino filmmakers who want to study filmmaking practices abroad. IFSAP was founded based on FDCP’s fundamental belief in the importance of international collaboration and participation. With IFSAP, FDCP aims to encourage Filipino filmmakers to discover various opportunities and participate in international film study programs. FDCP provides financial assistance to filmmakers who have been accepted into such programs.


All Filipino filmmakers who have been accepted into recognized film programs, labs, and/or workshops are eligible for IFSAP. If accepted into IFSAP, they may receive financial assistance in the form of the IFSAP Standard which provides a P25,000 stipend, or IFSAP Partners which grants up to P100,000 upon approval. In addition, IFSAP also provides roundtrip airfare as well as other forms of travel assistance including passport and visa applications and renewals or embassy and/or consulate support.


Filmmakers applying to IFSAP must be a member of the FDCP National Registry. If not yet a member, the filmmaker may apply for membership via the FDCP website.

Contact Details (ie. Division, e-mail)


Film Development and Support Division

Rikka Javier (IFSAP Programs Officer)

[email protected]