Safe Filming

About the Program


The Safe Filming Program was founded by FDCP in partnership with the Department of Health and the Department of Labor and Employment. In accordance with the FDCP-DOLE-DOH JOINT ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 2020-001, Safe Filming aims to establish the proper film production guidelines and protocols in light of the threat of the global COVID-19 pandemic.


As the official program implementing the FDCP-DOLE-DOH JOINT ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 2020-001, Safe Filming is the platform through which FCP coordinates with other government agencies including DOLE, DOH, DILG and LGUs to monitor compliance to the joint order. Additionally, the Safe Filming website serves as a platform to provide resources regarding the practices, systems, requirements and related documents regarding film and audiovisual production in the Philippines.


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Training for Basic Occupational Safety and Health for Safety Officer II (SO2)

The Safe Filming’s Basic Occupational Safety and Health Training (BOSH) for Safety Officers is a forty (40) hour mandatory course designed to impart knowledge & skills on basic concepts & principles of occupational safety & health (OSH) to enable safety officers (SO2-certification) to implement their respective offices' safety & health program.




With our goal to assist productions comply with the Health and Safety Protocols set by the government for the conduct of productions shoots, Safe Filming Program launched the SAFE FILMING KIT PROJECT --- a project that provides a one-time free safety and health kits to eligible production companies.